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Jef Kearns has had a piece of metal in his hand, and his purpose in his mind for over two thirds of his life. The metal: his flute, an instrument he seemingly picked out of thin air when his parents asked him to choose an instrument to study. His purpose: to show the world its place as a featured instrument in urban music. A goal he first realized when looking at a Lionel Richie album he bought, and telling himself, “This guy is going to feature me.” Continue Reading »

New Music Coming!

Hey everyone. Just wanted to take a moment to update you on what has happened and what is happening.

First, we’ll go with “what is happening” (I like to live in the moment I guess.) I am working on my third album which will be my first 100% instrumental R&B endeavor. I’m essentially down to mixing and mastering (save recording one song that has already been written.)

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Jazz Addiction
Featured Music

"We were impressed by Jef Kearns' 2013 album Soulfisticated, one on which the flautist/songwriter merged jazz and soul in highly original and melodic fashion. He now returns with a cool single, "Jazz Addiction", another sweet soul-jazz instrumental, one Herbie Mann would be proud to claim."
- New Canadian