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Jef Kearns
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Jef Kearns has had a piece of metal in his hand, and his purpose in his mind for over two thirds of his life. The metal: his flute, an instrument he seemingly picked out of thin air when his parents asked him to choose an instrument to study. His purpose: to show the world its place as a featured instrument in urban music. A goal he first realized when looking at a Lionel Richie album he bought, and telling himself, “This guy is going to feature me.” Continue Reading »

New Music Coming!

Hey everyone. Just wanted to take a moment to update you on what has happened and what is happening.

First, we’ll go with “what is happening” (I like to live in the moment I guess.) I am working on my third album which will be my first 100% instrumental R&B endeavor. I’m essentially down to mixing and mastering (save recording one song that has already been written.)

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Featured Music

"The soulful, melodic and eminently grooving flute master Jef Kearns brings a colorful background into a cool, sophisticated sound that blends the cutting edge of Soul and Hip Hop rhythms with explosive Jazz improvisations.

A mix of instrumentals and six tracks featuring sensual guest female vocalists, Kearns keeps his flute fresh and melodic, with improvisational brilliance up front as he delves into concepts that range from trippy and atmospheric to vibey and upbeat – and all inspiring destinations in between. Wildly soulful, truly sophisticated… Jef Kearns is SOULFISTICATED!
- Jonathan Widran (Music Journalist for All Music Guide, Huffington Post, Billboard, Jazziz, Downbeat etc.)