Looking for fun flute lessons in a positive learning environment? I am the teacher you are looking for.

I am based in downtown Toronto, Ontario. I can teach you in my studio or I can come to your home. I have taught children as young as 8 years old as well as adults.

I graduated from the Humber Jazz Performance program, and have a music degree from York University.

One of my objectives is to teach you beyond just playing the notes. I teach you the story you can tell by putting emotion behind them.

Kids love me because I teach through with games, as well as songs that they want to learn. For instance, I am teaching one student who isn’t too into learning new notes out of the book how to play a Selena Gomez song that has her learning three new notes and loving it.

You can contact me at jef@jefkearns.com if you have any questions or would like more information.