Jef Kearns

Right By My Side (Single)
A lot of people complain about there being a lack of quality popular music coming out lately, but I think they’re not looking past it being the music production they don’t like.

Nicki Minaj's "Right By My Side" is a song I heard the core of something beautiful in.

I decided to record it as an in studio YouTube video after an older gentleman came up to me following a gig.  He commented on enjoying it, and asked if I wrote it, and where he could buy it.   If it had been her recorded version he heard he might have turned a deaf ear to the song.

I used live steel pan, electric bass, keys, and had the keys do the string pads.  The arrangement ended up having a dramatic yet uplifting feel to it.

With YouTube comments like, “The way you put the rhythm in your flute is beyond everything I have seen done on a flute” and ” Wow! This sounds amazing” I decided to make it an official release.