Just Jane (Single)

Jef Kearns feat Carlos Morgan

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Rare music talents Jef Kearns and Carlos Morgan merge their uncommon abilities for a new rendition of the widely identifiable Just Jane. Just Jane is a romantic tale about discovering and falling in love with the treasures in a woman considered “just ordinary” by many.

Written by Laura Torno, Earl Torno, and Kurt Hagen, Just Jane has seen various treatments over the years, most notably by Carlos Morgan. Now, Jef Kearns offers a new and refreshing instrumental take on the piece originally recorded by award winning R&B vocalist Carlos Morgan.

“Carlos has an amazing vocal ability,” says Jef, “and I’m honoured to work with him and welcome the magic of his complementary backing on the track.”

“I’m thrilled to be working with Jef on Just Jane,” says Carlos of their first-time collaboration. “He’s a remarkable artist whose talents bring a fresh counterpoint to a beautiful melody.”