Jef Kearns

Soulfisticated (LP)
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"The soulful, melodic and eminently grooving flute master Jef Kearns brings a colorful background into a cool, sophisticated sound that blends the cutting edge of Soul and Hip Hop rhythms with explosive Jazz improvisations.

A mix of instrumentals and six tracks featuring sensual guest female vocalists, Kearns keeps his flute fresh and melodic, with improvisational brilliance up front as he delves into concepts that range from trippy and atmospheric to vibey and upbeat – and all inspiring destinations in between. Wildly soulful, truly sophisticated… Jef Kearns is SOULFISTICATED!"
- Jonathan Widran (Music Journalist for All Music Guide, Huffington Post, Billboard, Jazziz, Downbeat etc.)

"It's an authentic, fresh sound that brings modern R&B back to its roots."
- Soul in Stereo

"Flautist Jef Kearns steps forward with a very appealing R&B/hip hop/jazz release that packs a lot of intensity and soul-stirring melodies throughout the album.

What you will find most pleasant is how Kearns weaves his flute into the fabric of this very focused album. It floats, it sings, and it pushes the melodies forward with muscle and charm."
- The Smooth Jazz Ride

"Making the flute speak the urban language of soul is what Jef Kearns has achieved with his latest LP 'Soulfisticated'. His flute leads … and the musicians and vocalists balance Jef's harmonic range of ethereal and poetic acoustics. Even … (when) the synthesized drums are intense, Jef’s flute continues to be the heartbeat of the song and throughout the entire LP.

The music from 'Soulfisticated' provides a chromatic visual of urban soul music that you normally don’t hear from flautists."
- Detroit Jazz Magazine

"Soulfisticated satisfies ... Kearns’ development as an artist and visionary on this project is heartening, and should provide his growing legion of fans with much to like. And, just as importantly, the combination should please fans of sophisticated R&B who may hear Jef Kearns for the first time. Recommended"
- Soul Tracks

"(Soulfisticated is a) really cool album full of chilled out, jazzy, soul R&B tracks laced with his unique urban style of flute playing. He has a really lyrical way of playing that instrument, not quite like anyone else.”
– James Tormé (Vocalist, Jazz FM radio presenter, son of Mel Tormé )

"What’s admirable about Jef Kearns’ 11-track album is that there’s no need to skip through songs, as each song holds its own and flows well with one another from the very beginning until the last note played. While listening to the album, it’s recognized that much effort was put into crafting such beautiful work. Musical enthusiasts will definitely enjoy every moment of Soulfisticated. It’s an album that takes jazz and R&B to another level."
- Urbanology

"When in 2009 I reviewed ‘On The Level’ from flautist Jef Kearns I described it as dispelling the myth that flute players can’t do urban jazz. In fact it was a hip, up to the minute, collection that oozed class and consequently it is pleasing to report that Jef is back with the equally good ‘Soulfisticated’. In fact it finds Kearns displaying a whole new musical maturity that is evidenced by the sophistication of the production, the selection of guest vocalists and, above all, the quality of the eleven songs that he either writes or co-writes."
- Smooth Jazz Therapy

"Flautist Jef Kearns makes Soul-Jazz & R&B sound like it was invented just for him."
– Tom Lambert. Producer/Presenter; ‘The Independent Music Show’

"Jef Kearns presents his sophomore album, Soulfisticated. An album in the true sense of the word, it has continuity and songs long enough to take you on journey. With songs that borrow from contemporary R&B and the classic quiet storm sound Jef still maintains a sound all his own. An unmistakable voice coming from an unmistakable talent."
- Smooth Jazz Daily (Denmark)