His compositions and beats are both really strong. Beautiful flute performance on really good quality pop music. Not only the Smooth Jazz listeners, but also R&B music fans would enjoy his songs.
– Tom Coyne, Mastering Engineer (Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo, Sade, Beyoncé)

His fresh, funky take on an instrument that isn’t always either of those things has made us a fan. He has single-handedly
turned the flute into a legitimate soulful instrument, and has deservedly gotten big time attention in the process.
– Soul

He has a really lyrical way of playing that instrument, not quite like anyone else.
– James Tormé

Probably the dopest flautist in the game right now!
— Jamal Ahmed, WCLK (Atlanta)

There are only a few flautists out there, and Jef really stands above the crowd.

Not merely an instrumental album, Jazzy AF sees the artist mixing genres and creating a new sound. Kearns’ command of the instrument is unmistakable.


The Flute (EP) is a sonic revelation. A manifest creative breadth of an instrument, which is rare in this field of music.
– Hans-Bernd Hülsmann (Smooth Style Magazine)