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Stop! In the Name of Love, a 1965 Motown classic by The Supremes, has had a number of cover treatments over the years. So many, in fact, that the title may be the initial response to the idea of another. Flautist Jef Kearns, however, partners with vocalist Aria Zenua and producer Douglas Romanow utilizing modern production surrounded by vintage keyboards, and a bounce that catapults it into 2022 like it was born there. Mastering by Randy Terrill (Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Silk Sonic) gives it all an extraordinary shine.

Jef Kearns is a creative flautist with a distinct, driven, melodic and playful voice on the instrument which moves in and out of a storyline Aria delivers as if she lived it.

The single follows up Kearns’ cover of Leon Haywood’s 1974 hit I Want’a Do Something Freaky to You featuring Alana Bridgewater and an instrumental take on Whitesnake’s 1987 smash Is This Love both of which Kearns had equal success in making his own.

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This Whitesnake song has always been a favourite. After recording it I read that it was initially going to be pitched to Tina Turner. No wonder it works so well as an RnB song.

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We had a lot of fun updating this Leon Haywood classic with vocalist Alana Bridgewater and producer Douglas Romanow. Some will know the original from Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s heavily sampled “Nuthin’ But a G Thang.”

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The remastering of Hazy by Grammy-winning engineer Randy Merrill (Silk Sonic, Taylor Swift, Mark Ronson) brings a new pulse and charm to the energetic upbeat love song from his album The Flute (which maintained a month-long Top 20 position on the UK Soul Charts.)

I always felt this song belonged in a video game … so we created one!

Reverie is from my album “Jazzy AF”! Stream or purchase it here.

Perfect is from my album “Jazzy AF”! Stream or purchase it here.

My concept for this video is that there is perfection in the simplicity of things sometimes.