Jef Kearns


Back Again (Official Video)

Back Again is an R&B/Soul song about regaining faith in love. It is featured on my sophomore album, Soulfisticated, which hit #1 Best Seller for Soul Jazz and #2 for Contemporary R&B on A number of people have said that it sounds like a movie theme song, and that … Continue Reading »

James Tormé on Soulfisticated

I was honored to have James Tormé feature and review my album “Soulfisticated” on his radio program “Sunday Afternoons with James Tormé.” James Tormé is a jazz vocalist based in Los Angeles, CA. He is the son of singer Mel Tormé and British actress Janette Scott and grandson of … Continue Reading »

Flute + Acoustic Guitar + Beatboxer =

I recorded a segment for an upcoming Toronto based web series called “Urban Television” a couple days ago. They wanted to capture some footage of me at my place performing, so I gathered up my beat boxer friend Eddy the Original One, and my acoustic guitarist Stevie Gee to lay … Continue Reading »

How Soon

I have had a long romance with the quiet storm genre. I grew up listening to it late night on KISS FM Detroit’s “Kisses After Dark.” Flute is rare in the quiet storm genre. It is likely because flute is stereotypically too bright to be dark and moody. Between this … Continue Reading »


Electrified is the third single of my sophomore album, Soulfisticated. The album hit “#1 Best Seller” status on this month for Soul-Jazz! This is one of the heavier tracks on the album, employing a hard hitting hip hop beat. Detroit Jazz Magazine wrote, “Even during the song ‘Electrified’ where … Continue Reading »

Saturday’s End

Soul In called Saturday’s End “an authentic, fresh sound that brings modern R&B back to its roots.” It is the follow up single to the hip hop track “No One Like You” from Jef Kearns’ R&B flute album, Soulfisticated. The video features vintage roller derby footage from 1949 – … Continue Reading »