Soulfisticated (LP)

Jef Kearns
Urban/R&B: Contemporary Urban

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“Soulfisticated satisfies … Kearns’ development as an artist and visionary on this project is heartening, and should provide his growing legion of fans with much to like. And, just as importantly, the combination should please fans of sophisticated R&B who may hear Jef Kearns for the first time. Recommended”

“(Soulfisticated is a) really cool album full of chilled out, jazzy, soul R&B tracks laced with his unique urban style of flute playing. He has a really lyrical way of playing that instrument, not quite like anyone else.”
James Tormé (Vocalist, radio presenter, son of Mel Tormé)

“Musical enthusiasts will definitely enjoy every moment of Soulfisticated. It’s an album that takes jazz and R&B to another level.”