I’d love to play this song by Badshah & Arijit Singh as a first dance or wedding entrance. The melody is so whimsical, hopeful, and romantic.

As probably evident by now I’m a big fan of Bilie Eilish’s melodies. They have such a strong emotional presence. And they’re also easy to remember; a true testament to strong writing.

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My instrumental take on The BeeGees hit “How Deep is Your Love.

“How Deep Is Your Love” is an adaptation/arrangement of “How Deep Is Your Love” written by M. Gibb, B. Gibb, R. Gibb. Published by Universal Music Publishing Int. MGB Ltd. (PRS), Crompton Songs (BMI), Redbreast Publishing Ltd. (NS). Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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Get ready to be dazzled, my fabulous friends, because the extraordinary R&B flautist maestro, Jef Kearns, is about to cast a spell with his magical rendition of The Jackson 5’s iconic hit, “ABC”! And hold onto your sequins, because this isn’t just any cover – it’s a glorious fusion of old-school Motown with a fierce, fresh beat that will have you dancing all night long.

When Jef’s signature flute sound intertwines with Aria Zenua’s vocals, it’s like fireworks illuminating a summer night sky! Jef’s giving us that flute moment we never knew we needed, and Aria brings all the youthful pizzazz and heart that made the original a true gem.

This single was produced under the genius touch of Douglas Romanow and mastered at the legendary Sterling Sound by the renowned Mr. Randy Merrill, who has worked wonders for the likes of Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift.

Be sure to let this electrifying collaboration take you on a journey where the past and present groove together in perfect harmony.

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I reunited with Aria Zenua for another re-imagining of a Motown hit. We did Stop! In the Name of Love not too long ago.

Thanks to Soul Tracks for the First Listen feature.