Find My Way 2 U


Listen here.

Chill downtempo beats swirl in the backdrop as Kearns’ expert playing on the flute weaves in a compelling duet with vocalist Lisa Michelle. The airy and ethereal music is reminiscent of Contemporary Radio music. The addition of the flute gives the track a happening jazz approach. Kearns really gets down and dirty, throwing himself into the music. As the flute flits through the recording, Michelle’s vocals are equally dynamic, as her smooth vocal harmonies fuse a jazzy flair with a cool lounge vibe.

“Find My Way 2 U” comes on the heels of flautist Jef Kearns’ 2020 EP, Jazzy AF, which hit #1 on JAZZIZ Magazine’s “Top 5 Inside Tracks”, and celebrated on Divide & Conquer Music for its “blend of sounds that creates a soundscape that listeners can easily get lost in… Jazzy AF sees the artist mixing genres and creating a new sound” – a signature sound that has also been lauded by the likes of Dawn Robinson (En Vogue), Eric Benet and Maxwell.

Growing up near the Canada-US border, Kearns honed his skill by training with traditional jazz and classical teachers by day and playing along with R & B and hip-hop stations broadcasting out of Detroit by night. A unique style emerged, reminiscent of the expressive tones of an R & B singer. Kearns continues to challenge himself and his dedication to evolving in his art is evident in “Find My Way 2 U”.

The release combines Kearns’ instrumental virtuosity with the sultry vocals of Lisa Michelle to form a soulful jam with chill downtempo beats. It was written by Kearns in collaboration with Karen Jewels and producer Douglas Romanow (Sky Machine, Kinnie Starr), and mastered by acclaimed engineer Chris Gehringer, whose resume includes such names as Chromeo, St. Vincent, Rhianna, Cardi B.