Jazzy AF (EP)

Jef Kearns

Listen here.

The album is out and the reviews are in!

“Though there are notable flutists throughout music history such as Bobbi Humphrey, Hubert Laws and saxophonist Najee, the Canadian native continues stretching the instrument’s melodic and harmonic parameters.”
The Urban Music Scene

“​As a flutist, Kearns melds his expertise with the instrument with the flow of electronic beats, atmospheric synths and pulsating rhythms. What comes across is a blend of sounds that creates a soundscape that listeners can easily get lost in. Not merely an instrumental album, Jazzy AF sees the artist mixing genres and creating a new sound. Kearns’ command of the instrument is unmistakable.”
Divide and Conquer

“There are only a few flautists out there, and Jef really stands above the crowd.”
The Jazz World

“Toronto based flautist Jef Kearns is already from his outer appearance an extraordinary manifestation. His various hats and clothes are an embodiment of his individualistic personality, which also finds its expression in his music.”
Smooth and Soul