It can seem like an overwhelming task to get radio and reviewers to give your album attention. The articles I have read on the subject basically tell you to send it out to every magazine, blog, and college station out there.

If you do not have an investor that can be too much of an expense to think about. And even if you had that kind of money you could very well be throwing it away. Printing the album, then printing a cover letter or press kit, envelopes, and postage on top of that. And how do you know if anyone is even listening to it? (Hint: If you are sending it out without having made an email or phone contact you can follow up with it is probably sitting in a big bin of submissions no one will ever listen to.)

I highly suspect that Continue reading

You have spent a lot of time and money (or at the very least time) creating a YouTube video to promote your latest single, show your original take on a well known song, promote your tour and so on.

Your initial instinct is likely to copy and paste the video URL from the search bar to every social media platform you are on. Aside from not posting it anywhere it is the absolute worst thing you can do in terms of growing your fan base and interest in your Continue reading