How to Increase Website Traffic Using YouTube

One of the most important things you can do as an artist is to have your own domain name. Even if it simply forwards to a WordPress site in which you make a basic layout with sections on where to buy your music, how to book you, videos, and updates. If you ever move your page it is much easier to bring your fans with you if they don’t have to type or remember a new address. It is also easier to remember and type something like as opposed to

If you not technologically adept enough to create a simple layout as mentioned above have a friend do it.

Now onto what this article is about
: how to increase traffic and interest in your website through YouTube.

If you are making YouTube videos I am sure you are spending a lot of time linking people to them through Twitter, Facebook, email lists, etc. And it is also fairly safe to assume you are sending out the YouTube link.

After watching your video, the person presented with a bunch of linking videos that are most likely of no relation to your work.

What you SHOULD be doing is linking them to the YouTube video as embedded on your site as on your site all links are related to you. You should have an entire video section.

YouTube is good for hosting video but it is designed to keep people on YouTube, not to give your audience an easy click option to sign up to your mailing list, buy your music, read your biography, or look at when your shows are coming up.

That being said, some people are going to link others to or discover your video through YouTube. The first line in the description area should be something to the effect of “Check out more at” The http:// is important or it will not be a clickable link.

Tagging is also important. The first tag in your video should be your channel name. YouTube seems to put importance on the order of tags, so if it is your channel name there is a lot more chance that the related videos chosen will be your videos.