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N2U cover art
N2U (Single)

R&B flautist Jef Kearns is pleased to announce his new single, N2U (Into You), the latest addition to his repertoire of chart-topping contemporary romantic Quiet Storm ballads.

Describing his creative process, Jef says that the melodies “just come out of my fingers” and the compositions “appear in my head.” N2U mirrors this enigmatic essence of its composer with the flute commanding the lead position while sultry and gently enticing vocals by Ms. Paige highlight the melody, creating a mood of romance and intrigue.

Just Jane
Just Jane

Rare music talents Jef Kearns and Carlos Morgan merge their uncommon abilities for a new rendition of the classic hit Just Jane. Just Jane is a romantic tale about discovering and falling in love with the treasures in a woman considered “just ordinary” by many.

Written by Laura Torno, Earl Torno, and Kurt Hagen, Just Jane has seen various treatments over the years, most notably by Carlos Morgan. Now, Jef Kearns offers a new and refreshing instrumental take on the piece originally recorded by award winning R&B vocalist Carlos Morgan.

“Carlos has an amazing vocal ability,” says Jef, “and I’m honoured to work with him and welcome the magic of his complementary backing on the track.”

“I’m thrilled to be working with Jef on Just Jane,” says Carlos of their first-time collaboration. “He’s a remarkable artist whose talents bring a fresh counterpoint to a beautiful melody.”

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The Flute (EP)

I called the album ‘The Flute’ with the intent of making a statement,” explained the Toronto-based artist. “When people think of flute they tend to think of it as a classical, sometimes shrilly, and always pretty instrument. The music on ‘The Flute’ serves as a new definition of what the flute can be — a soulful and sometimes sexy instrument that has something to say.

“Though choosing to remain independent via his Soul Breeze moniker, Kearns has earned massive respect of the urban jazz community and critics alike because of his articulate approach to the instrument while inviting elements of those radio inspirations, driven by extremely colorful beats. The Flute serves up a succulent plate of Kearns’ dexterous flute work in an impressive package blending jazz with R&B spunk and funk.”
The Urban Music Scene

“There’s nothing like some smooth jazzy tunes to get your soul lifted and your creative juices flowing. When flautist Jef Kearns sent over his new album The Flute, I was hit with a euphoric spell.”
The Casual Muse

Additional reviews: Soul Tracks, Smooth Jazz for Life (Japan), The Smooth Jazz Ride, Keys and Chords (Belgium), Smooth Jazz Therapy.

Executive Producers: Jef Kearns, Steve Markoff.
Thanks to Fiona and Carmen for their all around support and financial contributions.

hurricane- web size

Hurricane bounced across three countries (produced in the U.S., mastered in the UK, flute written and recorded in Toronto, Canada.)

The single follows up flautist Jef Kearns’ Amazon Best Seller (#1 Soul Jazz, #2 Contemporary R&B) LP “Soulfisticated” which sat between Janelle Monae and Whitney Houston, and 2015 single “Jazz Addiction” (#9 Best Seller featured in Amazon’s “Hot New Releases”) which was featured in top rated R&B/Soul music site “First Listen.” Both singles are part and parcel to Jef Kearns’ third album predicted to touch ground in Fall 2015.

Credits: J.Kearns/Q.Coblentz. Mixed by Q-Pon. Mastered: Blue Steel Mastering.

Jazz Addiction (Single)

Soul flautist Jef Kearns comes off his Best Seller album “Soulfisticated” with a song showing the “track” marks of jazz running through his veins.

“Loving ‘Jazz Addiction’ – it speaks to the jazz lover (and the flute lover) in me. I spent the 70’s listening to Bobbi Humphrey and Herbie Mann , the 80’s listening to Dave Valentin and Kent Jordan and the 90’s and beyond listening to Hubert Laws, Kim Scott and Dwayne Kerr. So, I’m on board…”
Chris Mann (

“We were impressed by Jef Kearns’ 2013 album Soulfisticated, one on which the flautist/songwriter merged jazz and soul in highly original and melodic fashion. He now returns with a cool single, “Jazz Addiction”, another sweet soul-jazz instrumental, one Herbie Mann would be proud to claim.”
New Canadian

Produced by Slakah the Beatchild.

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Back Again (Q-Pon Remix) (Single)

“Critically acclaimed” is a description that often feels cliche and exaggerated when used to describe a lesser known artist.

For Jef Kearns, however, the words ring absolutely true.

James Tormé (vocalist, radio, and son of jazz great Mel Tormé) lauded Jef as having “a really lyrical way of (playing the flute), not quite like anyone else.”

Jonathan Widran (critic for the All Music Guide, Billboard Magazine etc.) said of him: “The soulful, melodic and eminently grooving flute master Jef Kearns brings a colorful background into a cool, sophisticated sound that blends the cutting edge of Soul and Hip Hop rhythms with explosive Jazz improvisations.”

Veteran mastering engineer Tom Coyne (Beyonce, Adele, D’Angelo, Michael Jackson) states “His compositions and beats are both really strong. Beautiful flute performance on really good quality pop music.” And upon mastering this particular remix said to Jef “”Your music keeps getting better and better …”

The original version of Back Again can be found on Jef Kearns‘ sophomore and breakthrough album, Soulfisticated. Soulfisticated is the first flute album to simultaneously hit #1 Best Seller for Soul-Jazz and #2 for Contemporary R&B on

The “Back Again (Q-Pon Remix)” is a decisively pop take on the R&B ballad with a pounding drum that may just inspire your heart beat along to this anthem of renewed faith in love.

Soulfisticated (LP)

Take in the sights and sounds of Soulfisticated at, and order the digital or autographed physical directly from me while you’re there.


“The soulful, melodic and eminently grooving flute master Jef Kearns brings a colorful background into a cool, sophisticated sound that blends the cutting edge of Soul and Hip Hop rhythms with explosive Jazz improvisations.

A mix of instrumentals and six tracks featuring sensual guest female vocalists, Kearns keeps his flute fresh and melodic, with improvisational brilliance up front as he delves into concepts that range from trippy and atmospheric to vibey and upbeat – and all inspiring destinations in between. Wildly soulful, truly sophisticated… Jef Kearns is SOULFISTICATED!”
Jonathan Widran (Music Journalist for All Music Guide, Huffington Post, Billboard, Jazziz, Downbeat etc.)

“It’s an authentic, fresh sound that brings modern R&B back to its roots.”
Soul in Stereo

“Flautist Jef Kearns steps forward with a very appealing R&B/hip hop/jazz release that packs a lot of intensity and soul-stirring melodies throughout the album.

What you will find most pleasant is how Kearns weaves his flute into the fabric of this very focused album. It floats, it sings, and it pushes the melodies forward with muscle and charm.”
The Smooth Jazz Ride

“Making the flute speak the urban language of soul is what Jef Kearns has achieved with his latest LP ‘Soulfisticated’. His flute leads … and the musicians and vocalists balance Jef’s harmonic range of ethereal and poetic acoustics. Even … (when) the synthesized drums are intense, Jef’s flute continues to be the heartbeat of the song and throughout the entire LP.

The music from ‘Soulfisticated’ provides a chromatic visual of urban soul music that you normally don’t hear from flautists.”

– Detroit Jazz Magazine

“Soulfisticated satisfies … Kearns’ development as an artist and visionary on this project is heartening, and should provide his growing legion of fans with much to like. And, just as importantly, the combination should please fans of sophisticated R&B who may hear Jef Kearns for the first time. Recommended”
Soul Tracks

“(Soulfisticated is a) really cool album full of chilled out, jazzy, soul R&B tracks laced with his unique urban style of flute playing. He has a really lyrical way of playing that instrument, not quite like anyone else.”
– James Tormé (Vocalist, Jazz FM radio presenter, son of Mel Tormé )

“What’s admirable about Jef Kearns’ 11-track album is that there’s no need to skip through songs, as each song holds its own and flows well with one another from the very beginning until the last note played. While listening to the album, it’s recognized that much effort was put into crafting such beautiful work.

Musical enthusiasts will definitely enjoy every moment of Soulfisticated. It’s an album that takes jazz and R&B to another level.”

“When in 2009 I reviewed ‘On The Level’ from flautist Jef Kearns I described it as dispelling the myth that flute players can’t do urban jazz. In fact it was a hip, up to the minute, collection that oozed class and consequently it is pleasing to report that Jef is back with the equally good ‘Soulfisticated’. In fact it finds Kearns displaying a whole new musical maturity that is evidenced by the sophistication of the production, the selection of guest vocalists and, above all, the quality of the eleven songs that he either writes or co-writes.”
Smooth Jazz Therapy

“Flautist Jef Kearns makes Soul-Jazz & R&B sound like it was invented just for him.”
– Tom Lambert. Producer/Presenter; ‘The Independent Music Show’

“Jef Kearns presents his sophomore album, Soulfisticated. An album in the true sense of the word, it has continuity and songs long enough to take you on journey.

With songs that borrow from contemporary R&B and the classic quiet storm sound Jef still maintains a sound all his own. An unmistakable voice coming from an unmistakable talent.”
– Smooth Jazz Daily (Denmark)

Promise (Single)
  1. Promise / 3:18

My philosophy on taking on someone else’s song is not to unless you can bring something original to it.

Ciara’s song “Promise” is one I have long connected with. The melody is stand-out beautiful and the production is, of course, part of the reason I fell in love with the song. I, however, decided to strip the song down to piano and flute to showcase the longing and intimacy of the melody.

I was, originally, only going to record it as part of a series of stripped down songs I am doing on YouTube, but with comments like “amazing”, “beautiful”, and “brilliant” I decided it worthy of being my first commercially available cover song.

Be sure to check out the in-studio video on YouTube!

Play On
Play On (Single)
  1. Play On (with Slakah the Beatchild) / 3:45

Jef Kearns and Slakah the Beatchild teamed up for a funk driven single (“Play On“) after Jef was called in to do the flute session work on the Slakadeliqs album, “The Other Side of Tomorrow.” Leaving no sonic stone unturned, they took it to Tom Coyne (Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo, Kool and the Gang) for mastering. Upon finishing Tom remarked, “Jef, you sure know how to put soul into a record.” Play On is the track you may wish would live up to its namesake and never end.

Also be sure to check their other collaborations: Jazz Addiction, Saturday’s End, and Make it Real For Me.

On the Level (LP)
  1. I Wanna Be the One (with a.k.a. Subliminal and Coco ‘Cognac’ Brown) / 3:50
  2. Groove Ballet / 3:51
  3. All Things Gleam / 4:11
  4. Lavender / 4:39
  5. How Soon / 3:05
  6. On the Level (with Chris Rouse) / 4:06
  7. Givin’ U All I Got / 3:20
  8. Incomplete (with Dwayne Morgan) / 4:39
  9. I Wanna Be the One (with Coco Cognac Brown) / 3:39

Jef Kearns uses a variety of musical tempos to show that the flute is a versatile instrument. He is a creative soloist, but he does not overdo it, and is more than willing to work within a context that includes vocalist, poets and other musicians. On the Level is a recording that has its feet planted firmly in the woods and the hood. Recommended. – Soul